Should Pride Rock Be Changed?


K. Zinger

Pride Rock

Our Pride Rock is supposed to show our parents, other schools, and anyone who visits what it’s like to be at the best school in Wake County; instead, it’s just sitting there with the same “Beat PC!” on the side of the rock. The Panther Creek vs Green Level football game was at least a month ago, and it’s time for a change. 

Mrs. Cortez, Green Level’s Secretary, and Emily Muroniwabo, a freshman at Green Level, both have their opinions on the subject. Mrs. Cortez said, “[the rock’s design should be] just a simple Green Level High School written across it, or something for us to be proud of and to show off to everyone that drives up and sees it.” Muroniwabo thinks we should do “Something regarding the new year.” Both had very good and creative rock ideas. Now it’s your time to show us what you have in mind for the Pride Rock! 

Both Emily and Cortez had very interesting answers, but if you have an idea for the pride rock, email [email protected] on outlook to be featured in The Gator’s Eye.