Removal of Space Junk From Orbit

P. Kale, Staff Writer

Why have an asteroid belt right outside our planet when we already have to pass one on our future mission to Mars? Our technology is advancing and we are making plans for space and discoveries deep inside it. However, it is also important to clean up after ourselves up after sending ships to space, because the debris that is left in orbit can cause a lot of problems when it comes to surrounding Earth and sending future spacecraft out again. Although there are quite a lot of satellites that we need, we can still get rid of the rocket parts and pieces which we could reuse or recycle.

How do we fix this problem? Well, there are a lot of ways we can approach this situation, some of them being launching the trash into the sun or creating a robot that can bring the junk down to earth to burn up the material. According to UniverseToday, the European Space Agency (ESA) is going to launch ClearSpace-1 in 2025, which will pave the road for future missions by removing thousands of objects that are 4 inches in diameter. This will be the first mission to clean up the debris and with collaboration, companies can remove the 500,000+ objects.

If we do not clean up the junk from space then there may be consequences for future missions. There are still a lot of discoveries and research to be made on different planets or in space overall. One company, named Astroscale, has funded over 53 million dollars and does a great amount of engineering and research to help the problem. Even though Green Level High School is not a school that can raise as much money, students and staff can help this removal of the space junk by funding at different websites like NASA, ESA, and others.