Gator Chorus Wows in First Concert


S. Mapp

The Green Level Chorus performs.

S. Manku, Staff Writer

     Last Thursday, December 12th, the Green Level chorus had their inaugural concert. The theme was “winter” with songs about Christmas and snow. An overall favorite song was Silent Night. Charlotte Rebeyrat liked performing this piece because both third and fourth period classes got to perform together. “It was cool because the lights went down and we got to hold candles while we sang.” Charlotte said. Mr. Mapp enjoyed Silent Night also because it reminded him of when he was younger: “It was also my grandfather’s favorite which is kinda cool.”

      According to Mr. Olson, the chorus teacher, 44 students performed and the soloists were Regan Henderson and Charlotte Rebeyrat. There was a featured quartet with Mia Sullivan, Ellie Link, Megan Kaniewski and Saniya Bhatiya. All the students who performed were part of the chorus class which meets during third and fourth periods. “We started the music in Mid-October and after a few weeks we put it up.” said Mr. Olson, “We haven’t completed yet…it’s kind of a different thing between us and the band world, the band competes quite a bit but chorus is because of the love for the music so we put on a lot of concerts for entertainment.”