Gator of Week: Benjamen Hayes

S. Vargas, Asst. Student Life Section Editor

Say hello to this week’s Gator of the week, Benjamin Hayes!

He is a sophomore born here in Cary, and he is an only child. Among the many extra-curricular activities he enjoys are golf, supporting Boston sports, and running a Youtube channel with his friend Cameron Hall. The channel, called Hays & Hall Productions, shows many Green Level games and matches, and you can check it out by clicking here.

We asked Cameron for his thoughts on Ben and he said: “ He’s a very nice and hardworking person he really deserves it.” Ben was recommended by Mr. Rogers, who shared that “Ben is a tremendously kind and motivated student. In class, he is always asking questions, helping others, and working diligently to complete his work.” He also said that “What makes Ben stand out is his genuine kindness and strong work ethic.” 

Congratulations, Ben.