Artist of the Week


K. Zinger

Our first Artists of the Week, hard at work.

K. Zinger, Arts Section Editor

Just as we recognize Gators of strong character through our “Gator of the Week” feature, and Gator athlete stand-outs through our “Athlete of the Week” feature, The Gator’s Eye wants to highlight our strong art program through an “Artist of the Week” feature.

Though we just got back from break, students from all over Green Level have shown how much they truly care about the arts. Two students from the art department have been working on a project for months, and due to the ambition and creativity of their vision, they have been chosen for this week’s Student Artists at Green Level.

Maren Molinaro and Shamiya Rahmathulla have been working on a graphic novel/comic for over two months, and it has the potential to be one of the their best pieces. Molinaro and Rahmathulla told us that their project “was inspired by many different things, like ‘cyberpunk 2020’ and a post apocalyptic setting, its mostly about how people cope with the lack of social interaction.” Proving that good things come to those who wait, the artists report that currently, their project “is 4 weeks overdue.” The piece may be nearing its end stages, but currently, all the comic squares are out of shape. Molinaro and Rahmathulla tell us that “We are drawing sketches now and then we are formatting them digitally.”

Projects or freestyle–you name it–we would love to hear your recommendations for the student artist recurring feature on the Gators Eye! Email me at [email protected] to submit names and tell us why this artist deserves some attention!