Tesla’s Cybertruck

2020 is here and the world is slowly technologically advancing into the future. A Tesla pickup truck, capable of 7500+ towing capacity and speeds faster than cars such as a Porsche or BMW, is no ordinary pickup truck. In Hawthorne, California, Elon Musk revealed the truck at a design studio with many fans showcasing the pickup’s large metal trapezoid shape and strong body armor. However, his demonstration of the powerful glass backfired after it shattered putting holes in it, “At least it didn’t go through,” he sheepishly said. Musk will look into this issue by 2021 when production for the vehicle will begin. The cybertruck has the ability to drive across many different terrains and its inside looks very futuristic. Furthermore, this makes the experience feel so great but it comes at a price tag of $39,000 to $69,000. However, most people believe this car is great for its price and especially being a pickup truck, it can help people in many uses and seems better than most of the best selling pickups in america; Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, and Dodge Ram.

The Tesla Cybertruck may be seen on Mars some time in the future because of its performance on the terrain, electricity from solar panels on top of the truck, and its trucks load can be useful to add technology in order to research the biology of Mars and its habitat. According to the Space, “The body of the Cybertruck will be cold-rolled stainless steel, just like that of Starship, the 165-foot-tall (50 meters) spacecraft that SpaceX is developing to help humanity colonize Mars.” You can order and build this truck now at Tesla, but it will not be available until 2021 when most people would probably have saved up enough to purchase the truck.

Green Level may soon see such trucks on the street, and some students may even have one. To interview some students on what they think, I asked Varun Venna how he felt about Tesla’s newest invention. He stated that he thought the truck was cool and had a lot of features that most electric and gasoline cars do not have today. He also said that he liked the shape of the truck as it looked futuristic but wished the vehicle came in more colors.