2020 Top 5: Technology

You’ve probably seen many older movies or read classic books that have ideas of what the world, and specifically technology, will be like in 2020. Technology is a part of daily life in many parts of the world, and people are constantly striving to make it better. So for the technology lovers out there, here are the top 5 tech ideas coming in 2020.

5G Networks
As many people use their phones, iPads, computers, TVs and more everyday, it is important for this to run smoothly and have a strong connection. However, even though these networks may seem impressive, they will prove to be very costly because telecom companies will have to increase bandwidth.

Autonomous Driving

For people have difficulty driving a car, or are just lazy, there are new technologies such as autonomous driving, where there is no need for you to touch the steering wheel.

Cloud Data

When you need to store data that is important in your device, you need a really good and protective cloud data and it saves all the data and you can access it anytime, this year it will get even better with extra security and better storage space.

AI Products

In this information age, there are many AI (Artificial Intelligence) based devices like robots to clean the house, keep you engaged and entertain you. This year is looking to get better by building robots that are increasing its size and making the work they produce better and more effective.

Blockchain Technology

In this time period, banks have to be really secured, and this up-and-coming blockchain technology allows more secure communication and a more safe bank overall.