Tech On Your Wrist: Apple vs Fitbit

P. Kale and S. Rameshbabu

Many people wear watches to school whether it be to check the time or for tools. The top two smartwatch brands are Apple and Fitbit. The question of which one is better has always been there since the creation of both watches. In the online market, Apple watches have better sales due to the quality they give and extra features they have. But Fitbit is preferred by many because it is a perfect use for people to track their steps, sleep, and exercise. It also sticks to the primary purpose of helping people know about their own fitness. Now let’s see some specs for both of the brands.

Fitbit Versa Lite:

Display Type: Transflective Colored LCD

Display size: 1.34 inch

Input type: touchscreen and a single button

Casing material: Aluminium 

Weight: 38 grams

 Notifications: yes

Battery capacity: 145mAh

Battery life: 4 days

Charging time: 1-2 hours   

Water resistance: yes for 50 meters 


Apple Watch 4:

Display Type: LTPO OLED capacitive touchscreen

Display size: 40mm,44mm

Input type: touch-sensitive screen

Casing material: Silver Aluminium 

Weight: 1.06 oz

Notifications: yes

Battery capacity: 1.12 Wh

Battery life: up to 18 hours

Charging time: 1-2 hours

Water- resistance: yes for 50 meters


To see what Green Level thinks about the two smartwatches, we asked Mrs.Reeves whether she liked the Fitbit or the Apple watch. She said that she liked the Fitbit watch because if she ever gets stuck with an Android she can just use the Fitbit and the Fitbit is something she needs to quickly check messages, time, and fitness.

Even though many people prefer Apple watch, we prefer Fitbit. We think the Fitbit is perfect for what it is made for, and it usually has a long-lasting battery. It’s also cheaper than the Apple watch. As noted by many online reviewers, the Fitbit’s steps and steps and calculations are also very accurate. “The Fitbit Versa has a seriously great battery life for a smartwatch, even with the continuous heart rate monitor, step tracking, and automatic workout recording. It’s got an on-screen workout guide and connectivity to Fitbit Coach, which is a personalized training app with adaptive workout videos and audio coaching,” says imore, a site that specializes in technology and reviewing them for consumers. Fitbit it is!