Is Puma or Champion Better?

Many students want their clothes to be soft and comfy. Puma and Champion are great examples of comfortable clothes and shoes. Puma was founded in 1948 and built itself to the third-largest sportswear brand in 2020. Puma sponsors many sports leagues. For example, basketball, football, golf, and running. In the Olympics, puma sponsors Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas, Grenada, Trinidad & tri bag, and Switzerland. Some find Puma shoes to be uncomfortable, but many still buy the shoe and enjoy it.

On the other hand, Champion was founded in 1919 and excels in the production of hoodies, t-shirts, and shoes. Champion was found in Winston- Salem, North Carolina. The US military adopted Champion so that it could be used during exercises and physical education classes. Champion sponsors South Africa and Albania national teams. Usually, people don’t give too much criticism to Champion because their quality of clothing and shoes are excellent and comfortable. 

Puma Sponsored

  • Marco Reus- German soccer/football player for the german national team
  • Lexi Thompson- American professional in women’s golf who qualified in U.S Women’s Open at the age of just 12.
  • Usain Bolt- Greatest sprinters of all time, holding top achievements
  • Rihanna- Best celebrity in the sporting goods endorsement

Champion Sponsored

  • Special Olympics USA National Team
  • FaZe Clan- American esports and entertainment organization that competes in various video game tournaments  

Although Champion does not have specific athletes who are sponsored by it, many people use it or have a huge sense of wearing the clothes.

In our opinion, even though Puma does offer some specialty in jackets and shoes, we prefer Champion because the price for its quality is really cheap, and their clothing is so comfortable and keeps you warm during the winter. You guys may think ‘how can two reasons make a shoe company better than others?,’ but sometimes it comes down to just a few factors. Especially important is the cheap price for great quality–that’s something everyone wants. Champion is amazing and is starting become trendy. According to Esquire, “In 2019 Champion turns 100, and its creative team is making full use of the brand’s deep history. They’re also doubling down on the brand’s core design principles and egalitarian vibe.”