Wanna Learn How To Cook?


K. Zinger, Arts Section Editor

Many people struggle with making food, even if it’s just cereal. That’s why Green Level offers a specific class to improve these skills! The “Foods” class introduces you to the nutritional value of different foods, and how to make them. You can learn life skills–whether it’s reading nutritional labels or learning to follow a recipe, the Foods class can help you with a lifetime’s worth.

Since all of us are busy, and it can be hard to find the time and motivation to learn new things, the staff at The Gators Eye proposed an idea: “Why don’t we make a recurring feature with food recipes featuring students from the Foods class?” In these videos we will be going over basic recipes, such as making desserts and meals. Mrs. Stanton, the Foods students, and the staff at The Gators Eye are here to help make you a proficient cook!

Keep an eye out for our first food feature, coming up soon!