The Power of a Calm Mind

M. Grabowski, Editor-in-Chief

Many people are intimated by the thought of trying meditation–but it truly is something so easy that anybody can do with a little time, and an empty room. These simple ingredients can help with anxiety, better sleep, or anything in between and everybody should give it a shot!

Apps ranging from Calm to Headspace are available with free options on the app store and allow users to calm their minds in short sessions. It may seem like a waste of your time. But give it one session, about 30 minutes of your time, and feel how still your body is. It is thirty minutes during which you don’t worry about anything: the homework, the drama. It is thirty minutes that make you feel so much better all-around! 

Most people think that meditation is something you have to do in a quiet room, sitting crossed legged, but the reality is that you could even lie down to do it.  The boredom you think you are going to feel never sets in because your mind is clearing. Mindful.Org has a great quote that may relate to you, “‘I thought, okay, what will it be, like, 800 breaths before my mind starts to wander? And to my absolute amazement, it was one breath, and I’d be gone,’ says Salzberg.”

The perfect time to meditate is right after you wake up to feel rejuvenated for the whole day or right before bed to help sleeping troubles. You may already feel happy, but meditating will give you a whole new and better definition of that five-letter word! “Meditation is free, it’s powerful, can be practiced by anyone, everywhere, is extremely beneficial and can help us to feel happier.”

As teens, it’s so important to have a joyful mindset and meditation will help you so much with that. It makes you feel so much happier, relieves all of your stress & anxiety, and can help you get more rested sleep. Try it out! Make time for one session and it can change your mindset for the better, so easily!