The Importance of Learning a Language

Is learning a new language really worth the time and effort it takes? Especially when there are translation apps that can do everything for you? Many students are only taking a foreign language because they are forced to take two years in order to graduate, not realizing the importance of what the language can do for you. 

Many studies have been conducted to show that speaking a second language can give your brain a huge boost. It can give you a longer attention span, a reduced risk of cognitive decline and help your brain more easily retain information. Many people say that every time they learn a new language, it becomes easier than the last. It’s even proven that learning a new language can help you make better decisions. When you start to think and make decisions in a foreign language, it tends to eliminate the emotional factor and you make more logical decisions. 

Learning a new language can help you create more authentic personal experiences and help you connect with a wider range of people. Learning another language will also give you a better understanding and sense of your own culture and a wider appreciation of cultural diversity. Since culture and language are linked so closely, learning one language can give you a better insight on another culture. Being able to communicate in someone else’s language is an influential thing that can help you make lifelong friendships and. Lizzie Boggess, a sophomore at Green Level who will be taking Spanish next semester understands the importance of taking a foreign language. She explains, “I think learning a foreign language is important because if someone is from a different place, they should still be able to speak whatever their language is to someone. They will only feel comfortable in a new area if someone knows their language.” 

Knowing a second language has now proven to be a valuable skill in the workforce. The demand for bilingual professionals is rising so they result in higher salaries and increased bonuses. Employers are seeking people that can communicate to people overseas to expand their market. In any career, knowing a different language will put you ahead of the game. 

When you know how to speak a different language, it opens your door to a wide range of possibilities. Traveling and studying/working abroad is much easier when you know the native language of the people in the place you are visiting. Those without the language that visit a different place often find themselves in a tourist “bubble” where they can’t interact with anyone and get the full experience. Tourists are also often harassed because they are so easy to spot. Speaking the local language and blending in will give you more valuable experiences while also keeping you safe. 

In Green Level, I think there should be more languages offered to help us receive all of these benefits. Latin, which is offered in most high schools in Wake County should definitely be a part of Green Level’s course because it is a language that will help us become better English speakers and understand the root of our language. Catherine Goodall, a Sophomore at Green Level, agrees with this statement, saying “I think Latin should be offered because I already took it, and it would be bad if I couldn’t continue taking it. I like how Spanish is taught because it’s widely spoken.” Mandarin should be another language offered since it’s a language that has already taken the world by storm. Having languages such as German and Arabic can also benefit the curriculum. I think that if students have a wider range of languages available to learn, it will help us immensely. Students will have more languages to choose from based on their interests, and if someone is actually interested in a language, they will learn it effortlessly. 

You could totally get by speaking just English in America, but where’s the fun in that? You would be missing out on new experiences, perspectives and opportunities that can change your view on the world.