Green Screen: Look Out for these Movies Coming to a Box Office Near You!

Over the next few years there are countless movies that we can’t wait to see, whether it be new Marvel movies like the Avengers & Black Panther II or other anxiously awaited movies like Birds of Prey. I think that the next few years of movies are going to be very different in comparison to what we have been seeing for the past few years; we will see new movies from MCU Phase 4 and other variations of popular movies like Bad Boys for Life and Terminator: Dark Fate.

Avengers 5 is probably one of the most anticipated movies of the next few years because no one knows what is going to happen after Avengers Endgame–since most of the cast has died no one knows who will be the new super heroes or what the movie will be about.

Another popular movie on this list is the new Terminator. There’s a new type of liquid terminator here to kill Dani Ramos, a factory worker in Mexico City. Sarah Connor finds out about this and tries to help Dani Ramos by enlisting the help of the T-800 model that helped her many years ago.

In conclusion, the movies for these next few years are something to be looking forward to. Get the popcorn ready!