Athlete of the Week: Nia Spells


Ivan Oo

Nia Spells shows off her softball skills.

M. Grabowski, Editor-in-Chief

The Gator’s Eye is excited about all the spring sports we will get to pull top stars from! If you would like to recommend someone please click here and give us a few sentences about why they deserve this title/article. 

This week we decided to pick an Athlete of the Week from Women’s Softball. Even though the season hasn’t really started yet, there have been plenty of opportunities to not only be a great athlete but also have a great attitude about their sport. We asked Coach Alexandria Connelly if there was any softball player who was standing out for the better. She replied with, Nia Spells! “Just from two days of tryouts, I can already see Nia is a leader and team player. She has brought the girls together to speak positive thoughts, she is always cheering them during drills and she has a positive attitude the entire time.”

At The Gators Eye, we think Spells is more than qualified for this title. We wish her and the rest of the softball team a great season and truly admire Nia as an athlete. Congrats Nia!