What You Should Really Be Afraid Of


Graphic made by M. Grabowski

Editor-in-Chief, M. Grabowski writes about why you should not be too worried about the coronavirus.

M. Grabowski, Editor-in-Chief

Coronavirus has spread like wildfire on the news, but here at The Gators Eye, we want to inform you all about the real statistics and bring something to your attention that has killed more people than this social media frenzy. 

To start, let’s resolve your coronavirus fears with statistics about cases of it. So far, 2 months into 2020 there have been 9.7 million flu cases compared to coronavirus’s meer 14 cases in the United States, 615 in Wuhan, China, and 218 from The Diamond Cruise Ship. The total amount of coronavirus cases is 83,896 which compared to the 9.7 million flu cases is nothing. 

You have more to be worried about than coronavirus. If anything you should be more afraid of the flu. Be wary of how social media has portrayed the coronavirus and look at the statistics!