Coronavirus in Wake County!!!


M. Grabowski

This article was written as soon as the report came out!

M. Grabowski

Coronavirus has been a hot spot on the news and social media for quite a while, but nobody seriously thought of it being a reality but a new story has come out…the disease is here, in Wake County. I’m sure you’ve seen everybodys Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media posts or stories freaking out about it. The fear over social media has spread more than ever because we all see Coronavirus closer than ever to us, will we get Corona?

According to CBS Governor Cooper has recently come out to address this case and says, “We’ve been preparing for this and we do expect to see more cases in North Carolina.” People have put themselves through so much psychologically worrying about what will happen and if it’s a possibility for them to get coronavirus. But, just like the WW3 drafting stress on social media earlier this year, it’s unrealistic. The reason I have provided this quote from the governor is because more cases will occur and we need to be prepared and think realistically. 

The Business Journal says, The patient recently visited a nursing-care facility in Washington where an outbreak of the virus has occurred, resulting in multiple deaths.” The patient didn’t randomly get the virus, we know how he “caught it.” But, we overlooked in the news stories was that, “State officials said the person is doing well and is in isolation at home.”

Social media has so much power over us, and we need to make sure that we don’t become to absorbed in it with things like these or it will just cause us to worry unnecessarily.