FFA Week

K. Zinger, Arts Section Editor

As many students may or may not know, last week (24-28), was FFA week! Meaning that the very well organized club: Future Farmers of America, celebrated. During this time period students were allowed to do service projects and host fundraisers, and many more!

Ashley Coler, the President of FFA, answered some of the questions that some students around the school may have. First we asked her what FFA week was all about, she said, “FFA week is a week that  is celebrated all throughout national FFA, where students get to have dress up days, do service projects, host fundraisers, and just have fun to promote FFA.” 

Coler also said, “During FFA week, Green Level had a service project where we passed out popcorn to all the staff, we had flannel friday, FFA shirt day, and FFA colors day. We also had a pizza party and a connectivity session where we planted seeds around the greenhouse.” Know if you are interested in joining FFA, Coler says, “Anyone who wants to join can contact me or Ms. Hight (The Horticulture and Animal Science teacher) about joining, but they need to do so immediately.” 

In conclusion, FFA week was a huge success! FFA is a fun and inclusive club that does a lot for this school, make sure to ask Ms. Hight for more information about the club, and maybe even about her classes!