Bored because of Corona?


Image created by M. Grabowski with AdobeSpark

There’s more to quarantine than Netflix, folks …

M. Grabowski, Editor-in-Chief

We’re all bored at home and I think we can definitely agree that it would be easy to spend our CoronaVirus days off of school by binging our favorite show or scrolling through Tik Toks. But, let’s use our free time to do something positive.  As horrible as this never before seen pandemic is, we should use this time to do something productive!

If you’re bored in quarantine, why not try:  

  • Painting: Send your art to The Gators Eye to get featured!
  • Writing
  • Reading: Have a book recommendation for others? Click here and we’ll use your suggestion in an upcoming good-books list.  
  • Doing something positive for the community. (But do it from home. Or stay 6 feet away from others!). 
  • Reviewing school work 
  • Critical thinking puzzles
  • Prep for the SAT
  • Start an exercise program
  • Hang out with siblings
  • Clean your room/redecorate
  • Play online games with friends
  • Bake or pick up a new hobby