Working Out at Home


Image created by A. Guo

Options for staying fit even when you can’t get to the gym.

A. Guo, Asst. Editor-in-Chief

While we remain in the middle of a health crisis, it is important to keep our physical health and mental health in good quality. Although working out is typically talked about alongside physical health, it is also very important to our mental health. William Wang, a hurdler on the track and field team says, “Working out will definitely give you an energy boost regardless of when you work out, and in general, make you feel better and take your mind off of anything stressful!”

This article, in particular, will go through a number of ways you can stay physically in shape through exercise and working out at home, with options for more simple workouts aimed towards beginners and more specific ones dedicated to a sport.


Follow Coach Goudeau’s Workouts

Coach Goudeau, Green Level’s Head Football Coach, has created many resources that have helped student-athletes like Wang stay in shape, saying, “Many of our football players and weight lifting students are utilizing a Google folder that contains weekly workouts.”

In his Google folder, include a “Quarantine Household Workout Guide” and an exercise guide that contains a variety of bodyweight exercises. Coach Goudeau adds, “To summarize all of the content I’m providing, I’m still stressing the importance of push-ups, pull-ups, and sprinting for football.” 

His resources are able to provide workouts that you can do without proper equipment or no equipment at all. Which takes away the excuse that you cannot work out without equipment!


Down Dog App

The down dog app focuses on yoga. Yoga not only allows you to burn calories but also trains your flexibility and includes meditation. It has been proved to decrease stress, anxiety, improve sleep quality, and do much more. Ms. Strickland, the head athletic trainer at Green Level, who says, “I’ve done a couple of these classes and they are great for beginners!” 


Popsugar Fitness

Popsugar Fitness offers free video workouts on YouTube with a variety of instructors and types of workouts. Some types of workouts they feature include pilates, yoga, barre, and kickboxing. You can find their YouTube channel here.



Ms. Strickland also recommends Peloton, which “is offering a free 90 day trial of their app (credit card info is needed) and they have a HUGE variety of workouts with and without the bike.” As long as you cancel your membership within the 90 days, you will not be charged $12.99 per month. You can find the app here.


Mamba Sports Academy

Mamba Sports Academy is a training facility that, “is posting workouts each day that can be done at home with body weight,” says Ms. Strickland. That means you do not need weights or special equipment to follow along. You can follow them on Instagram @mambasportsacademy, or click here.



Running and exercising outside is something that is encouraged by doctors as long as you are distancing yourself from others. Ms. Strickland says, “It’s a great time to take up running or biking. The weather is perfect and the trails are still open in most places in the State. I’ve spent so much time outside on my bike, running and walking my dog which is always a great way to get exercise and fresh air.”

Coach Goudeau also mentions this, “We want our athletes to continue to get outside and sprint, as well as work on change of direction movements.”

Aidan Roistacher, a Green Level football player and track runner says, “consistency is key, and that it’s better to have a plan of what exercises you’re going to do before you start the workout.” So if you can, make some time for yourself five out of the seven days of the week, so you can stay healthy in a time when it is greatly needed.