Gator of the Week


L. Toman

George Auble is the Gator of the Week!

This week’s Gator of the Week is George Auble, a freshman in the ECS program at our school. ECS stands for Extended Content Standards. Students in ECS classes work a lot on life skills so they can be successful in their future. They do a lot of cooking and cleaning, as well as job skills with some academics mixed in. Students stay until they are 21, meaning they do each grade twice. When we walked in to interview Auble, he was just finishing his speech therapy class to assist with communication and behavior. 

Every morning students in Auble’s class read books, watch the news, and check the weather. They have a very important job of checking the mail each day. Auble participates in the peer buddies PE class, PEPI. In this class, Auble loves to push the scooter and play basketball with his friends. His teacher Ms. Hutchinson says, “George has been a great student in the ECS classroom, he’s exemplified a lot of role model characteristics. We try to teach the kids more independence so they have skills for life after high school. He’s also shown great qualities by meeting new friends in the unified club and with his peers. He’s very kind and happy and loves making new friends.”

Outside of class, Auble helps Coach Kyle coach the Green Level Lacrosse team. He is good friends with one of the other students in the ECS program, Hashim, and with freshman OJ Holmes. His favorite movie was created by other Green Level students and it is called Day in the Life of George. Congratulations to George Auble for being named Gator of the Week!