Why is Everyone Dyeing their Hair?

M. Grabowski, Editor-in-Chief

Whether it’s stress and anxiety about Coronavirus, or it’s a YOLO sort of mindset since we won’t be back in school for a while, it’s urged many students to change up their hair, mostly by dying it!

It’s a rapid spread across quarantined students of many schools, not just Green Level. Junior Hannah Evans from a school in Kansas explains why she did it, which seems like something many others who have dyed their hair can relate to: “I was very bored and I decided dyeing my hair would be fun because no one would be able to see me for a month anyway.” Teens may be dying or cutting their hair to try to feel a sense of control over something (their hair) since they don’t have any control over Coronavirus.

Do you think it’s a cool idea, or are you somebody that thinks these teens should leave their hair out of quarantine boredom? Let us know by clicking here.