Our New Grading System: Do You Have Something to Say About It?


Image created by M. Grabowski

Give us your thoughts about P/W vs numerical grades.

Hey, Gators! The leadership team from The Gators Eye has been working on a big article about the new grading system that has been proposed by the state. Wake County still hasn’t finalized the details of how the policy will be implemented in our district, but we do know students will be allowed some type of choice between a Pass/Withdraw or their numerical grades. Many students are happy to have the choice, but the policy does come with some controversy.  In a statement before the North Carolina State Board of Education, given shortly before the policy was adopted, Mr. James Ford, a North Carolina Teacher of the Year, argued that the policy may present serious equity issues for NC students. Do you have an opion on this subject? Please fill out the short form, we would love to hear from you!