Staying Fit While Remote


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on our communities’ physical health and fitness. Families are encouraged to stay home, quarantine and only leave the house for essentials. Gyms have closed, athletic programs have been suspended and school sports have been postponed. Some people who can no longer engage in their usual physical activities have used their extra free time during this pandemic to relax and catch up on the best shows on Netflix and gain something known as the “Quarantine 15.” 

Although usual fitness outlets are now inaccessible, many have taken to the outdoors. Bike sales have more than doubled and the sales on workout equipment such as bars, dumbbells, weight plates, yoga balls etc. have drastically increased due to families trying to make home gyms. Many families have utilized this time to connect and have been working out together. Many families can be seen going on walks, runs, bike rides and more around their neighborhoods or the tobacco trail. How are you staying fit during the pandemic?