Gators For Good: Quarantine 5K


A. Guo

Green Level Students Are Finding Creative Ways To Stay Fit & Lead In Their Community


As the Covid-19 pandemic closes down businesses, prevents in-person learning, and stops us from doing many of the things we love and are most familiar with, some students from Green Level High School have decided to make the best of the situation with youth-led organizations and events.

The Quarantine 5k is a virtual noncompetitive 5k created by three members of the Green Level Cross Country Team, Advaith Cheruvu, Arya Bharti, and Alex Fernandez, to raise awareness about the coronavirus and money for the CDC emergency relief fund. While donations are encouraged, admission to the run is free.

Cheruvu, the initial creator of this event explained, “The inspiration for the Quarantine 5k came from my need to do something during quarantine. I wanted to support the CDC during the pandemic so I directed my passion for running towards a good cause. I invited Arya and Alex to join and they responded with great enthusiasm.” 

Additionally, Cheruvu discusses why they chose to donate to the CDC more in depth, “because during a pandemic is when people are in need. The sooner we can end the pandemic the sooner we go back to leading normal lives without these fatal risks,”

Since it is a virtual event, anyone who has access to a space in which they can run 3.1 miles can participate. Bharti elaborates on how the creators of this event wanted, “people running or walking on their own time on a trail, in their neighborhood or even in their own house on a treadmill,” as long as participants are following CDC social distancing guidelines.

The registration time period for the event has already passed and the participants are currently running, walking, and submitting their 5k times and have until September 14th at 11:59 pm. There will also be prizes from Brixx pizza and Andia’s ice cream for the highest donor, and a raffle for the participants of the run. Anyone who has pictures of themselves running can also send them to [email protected] to get posted on the Quarantine 5k website.

The event took some planning but has thus far been met with success, Fernandez noting, “Even though it was a lot of work, it is certainly paying off now. We have over $150 in donations for the CDC and 50 people signed up to run.” 

To find out more about Quarantine 5k, you can follow them @quarantine5k_2020 on Instagram.