Student Artist Spotlight: Kendall Zinger

Sketch Courtesy of Kendall Zinger

Thank you to Kendall Zinger for her interview! If you would like to recommend yourself or someone you know for our artist spotlights, please email [email protected]

D. Khan, Arts Section Editor

How many students can attest to making custom clothes? This week’s artist spotlight is one of the few. Her hard work and commitment to improvement show that she has the spirit of a true artist. 


Kendall Zinger is a 10th-grade student who has been working hard since she was in elementary school. Since then, she’s improved in many ways. “I have progressed from making stick figures to making full faces,” She explains. Kendall is also a very talented seamstress who’s currently designing a dress for herself. Her positive attitude and strong skills make her the perfect student to feature for our site. 


Kendall’s favorite mediums are digital art, sketching, and of course, sewing. “I love creating fashion for characters in Studio Ghibli films,” she says. The popular company, known for its animated movies and beautiful character designs, is clearly an inspiration to Kendall–her cute, sketchy faces and smooth digital lines look straight out of an animation storyboard. 


When asked if she had any advice for other artists, Kendall gives her own words of wisdom. “Practice is key to being successful,” she explains. “If you work hard, the next day will always be better than the last.” Her commitment to improving as an artist while still experimenting and having fun is an inspiration. We can’t wait to see what she sews and sketches next!