Gator Sports Are Back!


D. Nambiar

Gator Sports Are Back! Here is some key information you should know about the return of athletics.

Wake County has officially confirmed a schedule for the return of high school sports. You can find the full schedule here.


Each sport has been granted 4-5 weeks of workouts before the date of tryouts. To participate in these workouts, the school will release forms such as medical and other covid-19 related information that need to be complete to come to these workouts. The forms will be released in the coming weeks. 


Cross Country and Volleyball will be the first sports back in action with workouts starting during the first week of October. 


The guidelines for these workouts have continued to change. As of now, outdoor workouts will be groups of up to 50 people. Indoor workouts will be limited to 25 people, with people being split into pods for different workouts. These workouts may be full of students though, so some may be split into different days. 


There will be no access to locker rooms, training rooms or any other water facility due to Covid-19 restrictions. So athletes are expected to be ready when they come to attend. Masks will be required for all activities not including physical workouts. This includes while walking in hallways, waiting for screening, etc. 


For more detailed information and FAQs, visit the Green Level Athletics Twitter account’s latest video on the return of sports.


Go Gators!