New WCPSS Plan For Students To Return To School


A. Kalluru, Staff Writer

After a long, muddled process of the School Board changing the reopening of school three times, on July 21, the “Wake County Public School System School Board unanimously voted to adopt a reopening plan called Plan B Transition,”. This plan was not fully developed, so it was decided students would have virtual classes, and in due course, the county would determine the date for the transition into in-person rotation learning. The target to begin daily in-person school for Pre-K and Regional Programs students, as well as special education students, was Sept. 8.


Recently, on Sept. 15, Wake County superintendent, Cathay Moore, suggested a new plan. Students have been in virtual learning since the start of school, and with proper personal protective gear and the proper use of masks and hygiene, this plan could work. The proposal is to have “PreK-5 and K-12 special education programs for a three-week rotation starting on Oct. 26. Grades 6-12 would remain online during that time.” 


If this method performs smoothly, on Nov. 9, grades 6-9 would begin a three-week rotation too. “Finally, on Nov. 16, PreK-5 and K-12 special education programs would 

return to daily in-person instruction.”


On Sept. 17, Gov. Roy Cooper announced a plan that if the school system agrees, their school can open for kindergarten through fifth grade. “The move is an option for public school systems across North Carolina, not a mandate, and would be available starting Oct. 5, Cooper said.” 


The Wake County Board is having a meeting on Sept. 29 and will make a final vote on the plan proposed by Moore. This plan is not mandatory for students. Virtual Academy will continue for the 2020-2021 school year, while some students can also opt to return to in-person learning.