What Is BookTok?


Photo Courtesy of Ryan MacEachern/Penguin Books

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What is BookTok? 

BookTok is a new way for teen readers to meet and connect with each other, but there is so much more to it than just that! This is not a separate app or website, it is simply a separate section of creators within TikTok. This new community has brought so many non-readers into reading. I have heard so many BookTokers talk about how they used to never read, thinking it was boring, unrealistic, etc. Now they read several books every month, and have devoted themselves to spreading the word about the books that pushed them into reading. So many people that used to read the realistic (non-fiction) books and nothing else are now reading dystopian and fantasy because of all these book recommendations. This community has also brought attention to what books people consider to have a lack of diversity, bringing in more recommendations to people that contain more diverse characters and plots. 

 The most talked-about author on BookTok is Sarah J. Maas, author of the bestselling series Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses. Her books mostly focus on the fantasy worlds with a newfound focus that we have never seen before in novels – Fae. She writes about Faeries but within these books, she not only includes magic but also war and steamy romance. These books are rarely ever disliked, and those who dislike them usually only chose to because of the supposed lack of diverse characters. To better understand this community, and also for my own personal enjoyment, I joined BookTok. I made an account called @charlizes.bookshelf and began experiencing what the excitement was all about. Within a week I had already gained 80 followers and communicated with many kind BookTokers such as @pickleyrickley @anya.reads @poppy.gracelf and @miche_123a. Everyone in this close community is so kind and understanding towards each other. We all have our own opinions, but there is no hate within this amazing relationship between teens and books. 

How Do I Signup? 

I actually found this very easy to do! Many BookTokers will reply to any questions you ask in their comment section, which can help you better understand, but all you really need to do is create an account specifically and solely focused on books. Search up the hashtag #Booktok and you will find many popular creators to start following. The next step is to get yourself involved in the video-making. Find some books you love and some audios that will help you. You can use popular trends and turn them into book trends, and even brainstorm ideas from other creators. Make some great videos and challenges and spread the word that you have joined the community! This wonderful system is full of kindness and has truly helped so many teenagers make online friends as well as new discoveries. I urge you to give it a try and figure out what you like! BookTok does not disappoint!