Artist Spotlight: Emilie Mutoniwabo


Drawing Courtesy of Emilie Mutoniwabo

Congratulations To Emilie Mutoniwabo – Our Artist of The Week!

D. Khan, Arts Section Editor

With another week comes another artist feature! This week, Emilie Mutoniwabo gets the spotlight. Her friend and classmate Abby Lu recommended her for the site. 


“I’ve known Emilie for a while, and she has a real passion for art,” Abby says. “She’s very dedicated and hardworking and excels in her studies as well as her art!” 


Emilie is a tenth grader at Green Level High School. She’s been an artist for as long as she can remember, but started seriously honing her skills last year. “Before it was more of just a hobby,” she says. Emilie describes her art process as very “go with the flow,” which she finds ironic because her normal work ethic is much more organized. In the past year, her free-flowing art has improved more and more!


Emilie is a traditional artist and enjoys all types of mediums, although she uses ink most often. “My favorite however would be gouache,” she says, “because it’s the perfect mix between watercolor and acrylic.” She likes to work on character designs and scenes from nature. Even at first look, Emilie’s art is loose and beautiful. Her ink pieces use different line variations and colored accents to make the subject pop. She’s a very talented artist who’s having fun with it too. 


When asked if she had any advice for newer artists, Emilie says to not worry about a set art style. “ It’s fine if your style isn’t consistent,” she explains, “because that’s what makes it fun and unique.” Her positive attitude pays off with her work! Emilie’s love for traditional art is infectious–she’ll surely keep improving, and we can’t wait to see her growth!


Thank you to Emilie Mutoniwabo for her interview! If you would like to recommend yourself or a student for our artist spotlights, please email [email protected]