Halloween Hangout Ideas – Covid-19 Edition



What Are Your Plans For Halloween This Year?

M. Sunku, Staff Writer


Halloween is coming soon in three short weeks! On October 31, I doubt anyone will be trick or treating, or having crazy fun halloween costume parties. So what should we do instead? Some students of Green Level and I have a couple of Covid-19 safe ideas: 

Pumpkin Carving

Sophomore Ushma Pathak gave the idea of carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns with a couple of friends or family members. She suggested carving outside to enjoy the cool fall air and also limit the spread of Covid. 

Horror Movie Night 

Horror movies are one of the most popular halloween movies out there. For example, Insidious, The Conjuring, and Annabelle are all favorites! Fortunately, movies can be watched with family or a small group of friends. It would be extra fun, spooky, and safe to use an outdoor projector and sit with blankets, a big bowl of candy, and popcorn in your backyard and enjoy the frightening flick!

Bake Some Halloween Treats 

Halloween traditionally means trick or treating, eating enough candy to have a sugar rush and then crash. Since trick or treating is out of the question this year, we need to find a new source of sugary income. This can be baking some sweet themed treats found on the “Butter with a Side of Bread” website like these 3 ingredient ghost cookies, chocolate chip spider cookies, or frankenstein rice krispie treats

Community Parties With Masks 

Asmitha Kakarla wants you all to consider hanging out with the same people in your neighborhood that you would trick or treat with or party with on Halloween, pre-quarantine. She has a set group of friends that live in her neighborhood and is usually found with them on Halloween, and that won’t be changing this year. Having outdoor parties with decorations and the right company can still put you in the halloween spirit! 

You can still have fun on Halloween without compromising you and your family’s safety. Remember to use hand sanitizer, wear a mask, and keep your distance. Come back next week to see Halloween costumes that you can incorporate a mask into!