UNC Rolls Over NC State


A. Kay

UNC Picked Up A Big ACC Win Over NC State On Saturday

 UNC and NC State played this Saturday at UNC. NC State has an overall record of 4-1 and UNC has an overall record of 4-1. NC State was looking pretty good this year considering that all the games they have played were conference games. UNC came off a losing game against Florida. Both of these teams are very close in ranking and seem like solid teams.

In the first quarter with 8 minutes to go UNC #8 ran the ball into the endzone from the 20 yard line. The score in the first quarter is 7-0 UNC. The first quarter felt slow, as both the teams were equal and it was a back and forth game. The second quarter started with UNC making a lot of ground on NC State and it ended up being the UNC quarterback running the ball into the endzone for UNC with 11 minutes on the clock. The score is now 14-0. NC State has the ball at the 20 yard line and their quarterback throws the first interception of the game. UNC picked the ball off in the endzone. With 1 minute left of the second quarter NC State finally gets there first touchdown of the game by #86 Emeka Emezie. The end of the second quarter with a score of 14-7. The third quarter started with UNC making another interception on defense. With 8 minutes left in the third quarter #11 catches the ball in the endzone for another UNC touchdown. The running back for UNC scored not one but two rushing touchdowns in the third quarter. In the third quarter, NC state seemed to fall apart a little. They made a lot of little mistakes that led to UNC touchdowns. The final score of the third quarter was 38-14 UNC. In the fourth quarter NC State ended up scoring one more touchdown and UNC made one more touchdown and a field goal. #24 for UNC had a great second half of the game and managed to score 3 touchdowns in the second half. The final score of the game was 48-21.

Overall the game was very close until the third quarter when it seemed that NC State got tired and UNC was just warming up. After the third quarter UNC pulled away from NC State and that was the end of it. UNC has a record of 4-1 and now NC State is below UNC with a record of 4-2. UNC will play Virginia next Saturday at 8:00 pm.