The Weekly Rec


A. Guo

Gilmore Girls, The Poppy War & More!

A. Guo, Editor In Chief


As Covid-19 cases increase everyday, it’s important to follow CDC guidelines and properly social distance. Here’s some recommendations on what you can do while following those guidelines!


Reading: The Poppy War

The Poppy War is the first in a grimdark fantasy trilogy series written by R.F. Kuang. It follows a war orphan named Rin who tests her way into a prestigious military school, and later into war. The novel is set in an era inspired by the Song dynasty, and there are many references to Chinese history, like the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Rape of Nanking, and the Opium Wars. It’s not a light read at all, and bluntly covers topics like colorism, classism, violence, and war. But Kuang is able to make such an immersive, magical, and dark world for readers to experience. The third book in the trilogy is set to come out in November, so if you’re interested, the series would be perfect to start now.


Watching: Gilmore Girls

This classic, early 2000s, comedy-drama TV show follows a single mother and daughter pair, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in their small town, Stars Hollow. The show explores relationships among the interesting characters, friendships, and romances. It’s the perfect show to cozy up to and watch with family or friends, and also wonderfully fits the coziness of the autumn season.


Listening To: Up First By NPR

On weekday mornings, it’s really easy for me to snooze the alarm and sleep for 10 or 15 more minutes before sleepily getting out of bed to go brush my teeth or log in to my first period class half-asleep. So recently I’ve been playing Up First, a podcast by NPR that goes over the three important news stories of that day in ten minutes, as I slowly rise out of bed. It wakes me up, helps me feel productive, and also lets me rest in bed without going back to sleep all while catching me up on the latest news. You could also listen to this (and podcasts in general) as you shower, eat your breakfast, or exercise before going to first period.


Making: Pumpkin-Themed Breakfast

From pumpkin overnight oats to pumpkin muffins, the autumn vegetable has been taking over my breakfasts in the best way. It’s so simple to add pumpkin puree to a lot of normal breakfast foods, and add some seasonal spirit to brighten up your day.


Doing: Joining Clubs and Connectivity Options

As clubs have recently started up, I’ve found that it’s been really nice to meet new people in different classes, or learn new information through connectivity options. Some sessions that I’ve attended and enjoyed so far are Gender Equality and Leadership Club and Roundtable, both in which I’ve gotten to talk to different people about topics I care about. Find out about what clubs you might like to join here.