Florida Governor Allowing Full Capacity In Stadiums


Wikimedia Commons

Hard Rock Stadium, the home of the Dolphins, is taking extra precautions for safety.

The NFL and college football seasons are well under way and are still doing well considering the fact that there have been only small amounts of players having to miss out in the action. As a result, the Florida governor has officially declared that stadiums in the state can operate at full capacity, with the start of phase three in Florida. The state of Florida is starting to really surge in cases, as they have confirmed over 800,000 cases so far and 15,000 deaths. The Governor stated it was up to the teams to decide whether they wanted to operate in full capacity. The Governor’s press secretary stated “Sports Franchises can do as they please, they don’t need clearance from the state,” This statement could really backfire if the teams allow full capacity. Even though everyone has a mask on, it could still put the fans lives at harm in such a packed stadium. They are all cramped in an air-tight stadium where if even one gets the coronavirus it could result in all of the fans getting the coronavirus. I would suggest that this decision would be too risky.

Some of the NFL teams did speak out about this decision about allowing fans, and some are still in doubt on what to do. The Miami Dolphins still declared that “Despite the ruling by the governor, the Miami Dolphins will continue to restrict Hard Rock Stadium to a 13,000-person capacity.” The Jaguars also planned to do the same and Communications Director Amanda Holt stated ‘Capacity will be limited to 25 percent and masks must be worn inside the stadium at all times.’ The College teams are still deciding and have not voiced their opinion on this decision yet. 

More caution may be needed in the state of Florida to prevent their surge of coronavirus cases.