5 Fun Things To Do with Your Friends During Covid


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Fun things you can do while still saying safe.

N. Wilson, Staff Writer

With Covid cases on a record high, it looks like social distancing isn’t going away anytime soon. While staying safe is good for our health, it’s not great for those who are desperate for their daily dose of social interaction. To get through this pandemic we are having to be very creative. With that in mind here are five things to do with your friends, that are safe and Covid free. 

The first thing is for all art people out there:

Do an art challenge where everyone creates a drawing or painting inspired by the same topic, then shows it off. At the end, a designated judge picks the best, or their favorite piece. Timing makes this even better. You can do however short or long you want. This is a great way to spend time with family and friends because everyone can gather 6ft apart, bring their own materials and supplies, and have a good time.

The second idea is called a DTL party, it stands for Drink, Talk, and Learn Party. This is when everyone comes up with one or many powerpoints about anything they choose or have a set topic, and you present your slide show on a tv or laptop (if you’re doing it online) and explain what your topic is about.

The third activity is one of my all time favorite things to do. It can also be done remotely, so if you choose to do it over a Zoom or a group facetime that would work just as well. Prepare lip syncs of iconic scenes of movies, or in correlation have a lip sync battle to some of your favorite songs. This can obviously be socially distanced, and safe.

The fourth idea is completely online. Give your bedroom a mini makeover-especially since we have been spending so much time in them! Hang pictures on the wall (maybe some that you have painted with your friends), change up your bedding or pillows, buy some new knick-knacks and put them on display, and of course you can always browse Pinterest for cute, doable DIY ideas.

The last and final idea to do with your friends is an outdoor movie night. I personally have done this and loved it! Take a projector and a sheet that you can hang outside, and play a movie that everyone loves, if it’s chilly bring a sweat shirt and some blankets. This is such a vibe and will always be a blast. If it is super cold, you can also set up a bonfire. This adds a view to look at and a heat source.

I hope by reading this article, one out of these five things interests you. You can always take these rough ideas and add your own spin on them. These are all safe ways to spend time with your friends, and most importantly almost all of them can be done remotely so if you don’t feel comfortable going out quite yet, you can always make a quick Zoom and tell your friends to join!