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All about the EPL.

M. Shell, Staff Writer

The English Premier League (EPL) is the most prestigious and well-known soccer league in the world. Why might you ask? Competition, relegation, and pure talent are three of the reasons that make the EPL what it is today. The EPL was founded as a league in 1992. They started to attract the biggest talent in the world along with having a new concept of the way the league worked.


The EPL is different from most, if not all, other leagues around the world because of relegation. There are multiple tiers of play with EPL at the top and EFL (English Football League) the one under it. This is important because at the end of every season the three teams at the bottom of the EPL move to the EFL. Since you have to replace those spots, the top three teams from the EFL move up to the Premier League. This makes competition at the bottom of the table unique because even if your team is not doing well they are competing to avoid relegation. Therefore, they still have something to work for. While this is one factor there is also the fact that the top four teams every year go to the Champions League. Which is exactly what it sounds like, a tournament made up of the champions from different leagues around the world. This is the most prestigious club soccer tournament in the entire world. It is like the World Cup of club soccer. This also adds a unique factor because the people at the top are always battling for a spot in the Champions League. This is one reason that the EPL is one of the most popular leagues, because of the constant competition.


Not only do people want to watch because of a love for the game they also want to watch because the pure and total talent of the players produces the best game play in the world. Players from all over the world play in this league and can be signed as early as nine years old. This shows the absolute dedication these players have to making it to this league, and some still do not make the cut.


Players from this league are some of the best players to have ever played. The likes of Van Dijk, Salah, De Bruyne, Alexander-Arnold, Pogba, Aguero, Mane, and Pulisic (the current American star) currently play in the EPL and are considered some of the best in the world. All of these players are amazing to watch, so you can only imagine the amount of talent that has come out of this league since 1992. 


Competition, relegation, and talent are three main reasons the EPL is so popular. People from around the world turn on their televisions to watch these games, including myself. People in America get up early on weekends just to witness the greatness of the league. This league has been nothing but phenomenal for the last 28 years and we expect no less in the years to come. You tune into the NFL to see the best American Football in the world. You tune into the EPL to see the best Football players in the world.