Trump’s Tantrum Over Recent Loss


PR Watch

How Trump’s inability to accept loss has a larger harm on democracy.

M. Sunku, Staff Writer

Is it any surprise that even after the election results have come out, it is still as messy as ever? While Biden basks in his new presidential glory, Trump is unable to accept that he won’t be in office these next 4 years. 

Even during the election process, former vice president Biden was on his best behavior, while current President Trump was acting like a 3 year old, hence the tantrum reference. Even the five year old that I babysat had better etiquette and conduct. 

After his continuous unproved and unprofessional doubts over the validity of the recent election, other government officials are fed up and confused, much like the public. 

According to CNBC, Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority leader says “Joe Biden’s victory in the Electoral College has been secured by several states, where tens of thousands of votes separate the candidates,” he said. “Joe Biden leads Wisconsin by 20,000, Pennsylvania … 50,000, Michigan … 146,000. That’s the facts. Biden’s won. Nothing Republicans or Trump can do will change that.” 

Schumer and many others don’t believe that these claims and lawsuits will become anything other than a joke. 

Despite the lack of credibility in his statements, a whopping 86% of people that voted for Trump also believe that voter fraud was committed, as seen in a poll taken by The Economist/YouGov. This translates into 62 million voters, according to the NY Times

In the same NY Times article, it is said that scaredy-cats in the government are hoping that he will eventually accept his defeat, but I don’t agree. The way things are going right now, We can assume that Trump’s rage and denial will only get worse. 

Trump has repeatedly assumed that no disagreement from legislators and other republicans means that he has their support, which is insanely harmful.

How many more jokes can we make out of this election before everyone realizes how much harm is being done to our democracy?