Elementary School Students Should Stay at Home



As Covid cases continue to rise, why send your kids to school and put them at risk of being part of the rising numbers?

M. Sunku, Staff Writer

The Wake County School Board decided to allow the Elementary School Students to return to in person learning. Only 16,000 of 180,000 students have gone back to school.  Even though the return to school allows for parents to focus more on work instead of keeping their children in line, it is simply not safe. 

Younger children are less likely to understand the severity of the COVID 19 pandemic, and won’t take it as seriously. According to an article from CBS17 news, the current precautions that have been taken include having 6 feet in between each desk, and always having a mask on. I don’t think these precautions will be enough to stop the spread of the virus in classrooms. Kids of that age are generally unsanitary, and mixed with not understanding the severity of the situation, COVID 19 would just spread further. Temperature checks are also being taken during the day. This isn’t a completely accurate test for the disease as it can spread even before symptoms show up, according to an article by healthline.com

After only 3 days, one elementary school student has already tested positive for COVID 19. If this doesn’t make you wary of the kids returning to school, I don’t know what will. 

The best thing to do is to stay at home. Regardless of how convenient having kids out of the house may be, it is literally deadly.