Green Level Volleyball Dominates Riverside


B. Hays

Green Level Volleyball Sweeps Jordan In Tri-8 Conference Match

Green Level Sports are finally back for the first time since March! On Tuesday Night, Green Level Volleyball was at home for their first December match. Some spectators were also able to attend the game. This included parents, along with some essential workers, all doing their part to make sure that the venue was safe for all. Some of the COVID protocols included everyone social distancing and wearing masks. Seats for the players were all stationed 6 feet apart from each other and the volleyballs were wiped down before the game, along with some other high traffic areas. Temperatures were taken before entering the building.


The Green Level Gators took on the Riverside Pirates in their second home game of the season. Green Level was coming off a tough 3-1 loss at Green Hope, the 2018 State Champions in the 4A conference. Coming into the game against the Pirates, the Gators were sitting with a record of 2-2. This set up a Tuesday Night showdown that would determine if the Gators would head into Athens Drive with a winning record or a losing record. Unlike Green Level, who came into the game with a record of 2-2, Riverside had still not played their opening game. Some of the Riverside players caught COVID, forcing the team to postpone games and practices. I asked Ava Toppin and Nia Spells, two players from the GL volleyball team, how they felt being the first team to play against Riverside with all of their COVID problems. Both radiated confidence. Ava stated, “With all of the precautions that we do take, I think we’ll be okay.” It turns out that they would do more than okay.


In the first set, Green Level dominated the play, holding Riverside to under 10 points. Strong serving all across the board put the Pirates into awkward defensive positions. Even when the Pirates were able to get the ball back across the net, a strong frontline of Gators were able to block spike attempts and get kills with their own spikes. The strong play continued throughout the night. Riverside was able to get over 10 points in the second and third sets, but it became apparent early on that they were no match for Green Level. The Gators swept the Pirates 3-0, making it a short 1 hour and 15 minute night for the first spectators on campus since March. The Riverside Pirates will have to wait another day to get their first win while Green Level improves to 3-2 as they head to Athens Drive on Thursday night.