Chloe Burbank Volume 1: The Lost Masterpiece


Courtesy of Dead Purple Records

A lost gem in the music industry.

M. Honaker, Staff Writer

Joji is one of the music industry’s curious cases. George Miller is a Japanese producer, singer, songwriter, and comedian. He hosted a series of youtube channels including  FilthyFrankTv, 2cool4u92, and many more. These channels featured ridiculous skits and songs performed by his equally bizarre friends. The main character George developed was Filthy Frank, a raunchy and outspoken character with a grating voice and crude humor. George had many other characters, perhaps most notably “Pink Guy” Pink Guy himself was actually the pioneer of the “Harlem Shake,” a viral dance set to the song it’s named after. However, this article isn’t about George Miller, it is about Joji. George had been releasing music under his Pink Guy moniker that was equally ridiculous and raunchy as his YouTube content. However he began to experiment with more soulful, low fidelity singing under the name Joji. The rest is history, Joji was signed to record label 88Rising with fellow friend Rich Brian and he now dominates the charts whenever he releases music. But before he released hits like Nectar and Ballads 1 he made the classic mixtape, Chloe Burbank Volume 1.

Joji’s music has evolved over the years. His debut EP In Tongues was a soulful R&B tape that was expanded to a full album on In Tongues (Deluxe). His next album was arguably his entrance into the mainstream, Ballads 1. This featured the hit single “Slow Dancing in the Dark” Which peaked at number 7 on Billboard Hip Hop/R&B singles. Ballads 1 was a mix of R&B and Pop. In his most recent work Nectar, Joji has transitioned into full Hip Hop/Pop. This work has been on Spotify since 2016. Chloe Burbank Volume 1 was released on Datpiff, a popular mixtape site, in 2015. It features 27 tracks of Lofi Remixes, soulful singing, and a small aspect of HipHop. It is my personal favorite of his work and it samples from artists such as the Vince Guaraldi Trio, Biggie Smalls, and more. I recommend sitting down and listening to this album front to back. Be warned that it does have explicit lyrics, but it is one hundred percent worth your time.