Dr. Destruction, Your New Favorite Rapper


Courtesy of BobbyBoy Records

M. Honaker’s thoughts on Dr. Destruction’s new mixtape.

M. Honaker, Staff Writer

Logic is one of those rappers that you either love or you hate, and to be honest, it’s pretty easy to hate him. His run of awful albums from Everyone and his attempt at a modern rock/rap album Super Market left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Although he’s had his run of bad projects and songs, he also has a wide variety of good projects such as The Incredible True Story, Under Pressure, and No Pressure are all classic tapes with amazing production and impressive lyrics and flows, but this isn’t an article about Logic, its an article about his alter ego, Dr. Destruction and his new album, Planetory Destruction.

This futuristic, yet classic sounding album surfaced on the popular mixtape streaming site, Datpiff, on January 22, 2021. When people began listening to this project, they noticed something: this was Logic, or rather, Logic’s alter ego. This project is very reminiscent of the lyrical genius MF DOOM. His melodic bars and simple yet unrelenting rhymes directly remind me of DOOM and producer Madlib’s project MADVILLAINY. The production is incredible, heavy on horns, drums, and other sounds that just give this album a hazy nostalgic feel like you’re going to a drive-in movie theatre to watch an old sci-fi flick. This combined with his immersive skits and song transitions makes listening to this album feel like you’re watching a movie. Some of his characters on his skits such as “Bucknaked” and “Kyle” remind me of Denzel Curry’s skits on his project Taboo.

Although I’ve compared this album to many other projects and artists, this is a product of Dr. Destruction. His incredible production, immersive skits, slick rhymes, and impressive feature list made of samples that he collected himself, all merge wonderfully together to create an incredible album. I’ve only listened to this album twice through, which is one less time than when I normally write my reviews, so this is more of a quick take. But my quick take is that this is incredible and I hope Dr. Destruction is here to stay.

Rating: 8/10