Biden’s 100 Days Promises



M. Sunku dives into what Biden’s first 100 days may mean for the country.

M. Sunku, Staff Writer

After the turbulent couple of months leading to the presidency of Joe Biden, his 100 day promises seem to ease tension in some, while creating wildfires of anger in others. Different decisions about COVID-19, vaccinations, economic disparities, racial injustice, immigration, as well as environmental stances have been made and guaranteed after his inauguration. 

The Biden Administration’s most famous declaration is 150 million vaccines distributed within his first 3 months. While it sounds like an amazing idea, it poses the question: how realistic is it really? Only time will tell. Biden also wants elementary and middle schools to open back up, safely. According to Anthony Fauci, a trusted physician-scientist, and medical advisor to the president, this can only happen after 80% – 90% of the population has been vaccinated. Despite his disputes with Trump, Biden is keeping Fauci close and trusting him 100%. 

Another concern of Biden’s is economic disparity. He plans to send economic aid to Americans who need it, in the form of a $1.9 trillion relief package, but republican support is unsure. It is believed that Donald Trump’s impeachment will also slow bills and processes in the Senate. I commend Biden for caring for American’s who are struggling financially due to COVID-19 while he also tries to quell the pandemic’s effects in America as well. 

Biden is also attempting to prevent further COVID-19 infection by depoliticizing wearing masks, and called upon several religious leaders to do so. He also created a new “challenge”, telling Americans to simply try to wear a mask during the next 100 days, and see what happens. While he intends to simply stop infection, this could also be the start of his attempts to bridge the ever-looming political gap that began 8 years ago.

Another issue that Biden has been addressing recently is climate change. He acknowledges the real and existential effects of climate change, and is prepared to try and stop the effects immediately. He has rejoined the Paris Agreement, which former President Trump had pulled the US out of, which is an incredibly smart move, and many Americans feel the same way. He also is slowly transitioning from using fossil fuels and other sources of nonrenewable energy, to clean and sustainable options. While his oil pipeline regulations are better for the environment and a better decision in the long run, some Americans are upset over the oil production jobs that have been lost. But while it is heartbreaking to lose a job, it is worth it for our future generations to also experience a clean and healthy earth, where it is safe to breath and live. 

President Biden and Vice President Harris have shown their stance on racial inequality and injustice through social media and their support for causes in the past. Now, they have the power to create real and lasting change in America. During his Inaugural speech, he had officially and explicitly stated his distaste for white supremacy, and showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement through his stimulus plan. He is currently looking into reforming the current justice system, and making women of color’s healthcare safer and more accessible. 

His ideas for immigration rival that of the former President’s distaste for undocumented immigrants. While rapid immigration to the US can indeed be harmful, there’s no need to be inhumane about it. He has decided to solve the immigration problem using a bill that he proposed earlier, which will help immigrants on the path to citizenship faster and easier. He also is trying to aid the Central American Countries which are suppliers of those immigrating to the US, along with trying to reunite families who have been separated by Trump’s “zero tolerance policy.

While reviewing Biden’s immigration policies, a trend can be seen. Instead of continuously complaining and creating harsh strategies to deny refuge to those who are seeking a better life, like his predecessor, Biden has proven that he is attempting to stop rapid immigration at the source, and help those who need it. 

Through all of his recent plans, the Biden administration has shown a strong trust in science, a feeling of empathy for immigrants, showed urgency when it comes to climate change, compassion towards people of color, assistance for those in economic disparity, and showed that the pandemic is his top priority. 

As of now, most of what we have from President Biden are pretty words, but after these 100 days, I feel that America would have regained its strength, and will be a better nation for it.