GL Lacrosse to Start Season

The Green Level Lacrosse team started practices just two weeks ago, and they are already about to start their season. Coronavirus has caused the lacrosse season to start a few months later than it would normally start, with a much shorter pre-season. The lacrosse team is composed of mainly freshmen and juniors with only a few sophomores. They already look much more skilled than last year, when their season was unfortunately cut short by the Coronavirus pandemic. 


On Friday, they had their first scrimmage against one of the top four lacrosse teams in the state, Middle Creek. The Gators started out strong, only allowing four goals in the first quarter and keeping them to four more in the second quarter. However, the second half did not really go their way and Middle Creek scored about a dozen more goals. There was no official score since it was just a scrimmage, but the Gators managed to get four solid goals. Two of the goals were scored by freshman middie, Jackson Spells.


Unfortunately, due to the other team not having enough players, the lacrosse team’s first game of the season against Riverside High was cancelled. Their first game was against Athens on Wednesday (1/27), which was also a home game. On the 28th, the first home soccer game of the season will be played against Jordan. This is a very exciting week for our school and for the lacrosse team. Go Gators!


For more information about the GL lacrosse program, click here.