Students Are Finally Returning To GLHS Campus


Courtesy WCPSS

Green Level students are coming back. Should they be?

After the Green Level campus has been devoid of students for almost a year, a new Wake County Board of Education decision is bring them back. 

On February 15, the first plan to affect high school students in their return to in-person learning will be put into action. The decision to extend returning until mid-February was made in January as a result of the rapidly rising COVID-19 case numbers. However, according to WCPSS, “the conditions for a return to in-person instruction have improved during that time.”

So what exactly does this new plan entail? Pre-K through third grade students (previously 100% remote) are returning daily to in-person instruction. However, the rest of the students (fourth grade through high school) will be coming back on scheduled three-week rotations. All students who have chosen the Transition Plan as proposed at the beginning of the school year will be split up into three groups (Cohorts 1, 2, & 3). This will make it easier to be socially distanced in the physical classroom and still give everyone who wishes to be back a chance to experience this traditional form of education once more.

As stated by WCPSS through the announcement article, “We appreciate the patience of the staff, students, and families throughout this process.” Hopefully, we are all able to say the same.

Thank you for reading this short recap, and don’t forget to answer the poll down below!

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