Brady and the Bucs Come Out Victorious in Super Bowl LV


Wikimedia Commons

A recap of Sunday night’s Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Sunday is always something different. The atmosphere, the fans, the music, the players — it’s a unique experience that happens every year. This year, it was a duel between the quarterbacks. 

Tom Brady won his 7th ring, which sets him in stone as the Greatest of All Time, also known as the GOAT. Nobody would have guessed that Brady, leaving New England, signing with the Buccaneers, trying to fit into a new offensive scheme with Bruce Arians and new weapons, would carry them into the playoffs and get them their 2nd Super Bowl victory. Mahomes, who is also a successful QB in a fairly young career already has 4 playoff wins, 2 Super Bowl appearances, and 1 ring: Very impressive for his age.

The Kansas City Chiefs never had a chance. After they put 3 points up on the board, it was a blowout victory by Brady and company. It seemed like the whole offensive line was unstable and Mahomes was unfocused the whole time. The receivers weren’t connecting with the QB, and things just went downhill fast. The defense played too aggressive and as a result, they drew many penalty flags. Eleven penalties for 120 yards is absolutely unacceptable, and that should not be a problem with a back to back Super Bowl team. They became too heated, and it didn’t look like they had a game plan to win and come back.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the other hand, were firing on all cylinders. The defense was clamping Mahomes. They held him to an abysmal 53% completion percentage. Brady found Gronkowski two times in the end zone, as the old friends reunited in another Super Bowl. Antonio Brown, who was out of the league just last year, also caught a touchdown from the GOAT. Leonard Fournette, who had a very nice game all day burst into the end zone shedding multiple Chiefs defenders. The players stepped up when they needed to, and that’s what got them the win at the end of the day. Bruce Arians played a masterful game, as every single play call was a key factor in their 2nd Super Bowl victory.

Many people did say it was a boring game, but it was important. Folks are happy to see Brady won his 7th ring, and the Chiefs now understand what they need to improve on. It was a great experience, and nobody knows how the league will be next year.