One Year in Covid-19


Graphic made by A. Guo

What has happened to you since March 13th, 2020?

A. Guo, Editor-in-Chief

It has almost been a year since the infamous day of March 13th, the day Green Level was to be closed for an indeterminate time. A lot has happened since then: virtual learning, new pets, walks outside, iconic Netflix shows, loss.

Other than the changes in in masking and social distancing, what are some things that have happened to you? What are emotions that you have felt? How have you taken care of yourself and the people around you? What/who give you hope? Please let us know with this google form.

If you would rather or would like to additionally send in a video or pictures of yourself answering with your reflection of what life has been like for you since March 13th, feel free to send them to Aida Guo at [email protected]