Join us for the EPA Panel Discussion this Wednesday!


Graphic made by C. Cai

Join us this Wednesday!

C. Cai, News Section Co-Editor

On Wednesday, March 24th from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, we have been invited to participate in a panel discussion titled:

“A World of Possibilities: A roundtable discussion with high school students, college students, and EPA staff on what STEM careers hold for them in their future.”

Green Level Science Teachers Mr. Hill and Ms. Little will both be in this panel, and two Green Level student representatives are participating as well.

Adults typically tend to “tell” students what they should and should not do. This discussion will focus on asking students what they want to do in the future and what types of careers they are interested in.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, this panel will also include a discussion of gender roles in STEM and challenges faced by women in these fields—where we are now and where we hope to be. EPA staff will share stories about their career and educational backgrounds and what led them to take on and thrive in these STEM careers. 

This will be an MS Teams LIVE event!

Join us at: MSTeamsEvent