Online Learning making you feel out of control? Here are 11 tips to improve your well being.

A. Kalluru, Managing Editor

Now more than ever, teenagers are feeling disconnected from the world. Although there is an increasing number of social media users, more than 1 billion for Instagram and TikTok, many users are having trouble coping with recent changes in their life. COVID-19 has affected everyone, if not directly, it has changed lives in different ways. One most prominent change for teens is online learning. The extra screen time and isolation from friends and family has made it hard for these teenagers to get out of bed in the morning. So how do we make this better and help them adjust to these new changes? These are 11 tips that are proven to help:

  1. Set a specific sleeping schedule. Waking up and sleeping at a regular time lets your body clock have a routine. This also establishes a sense of normalcy in your day.
  2. Plan out your day. Having a schedule gives your day a structure. This structure reduces procrastination and constantly motivates you to efficiently complete tasks.
  3. Task Manage. When you have an extra load of work to complete, write out your tasks and order them in a list from most important to least important. Work your way through this list, starting from the most important and simplest task. This method will make your workload feel bearable and orderly.
  4. Keep distractions at a distance. Focus is an important factor to complete an assignment on time. To ensure your attention is undisturbed, try to keep away from noise, clutter, and other people.
  5. An organized environment means an organized mind. Your bedroom has more of an impact on your mental state than generally thought. Cluttered surroundings reflect on your mindset, if your surroundings are clean, it will give your mind a calm area to think and study.
  6. Snack breaks! Having a complete diet without missing any meals lets your body function at its best. Remember to hydrate regularly.
  7. Physical activity. Whether it is walking or a workout, spend a minimum of 1 to 2 hours outside. Getting fresh air every day is proven to reduce stress and anxiety for everyone and is especially recommended for teens.
  8. Plan a get-together. Isolating yourself is categorized as a form of self-harm. Spend time with close ones in a safe manner- with masks and social distancing, meet with friends and family while performing the necessary COVID precautions.
  9. Social media detox. Do not be afraid to take a break from your socials. A heightened number of screens hurts you both, physically and mentally. Challenge yourself for 1 to 2 weeks to stay away from or delete apps that you spend excessive time with.
  10. Read paper books. Reading a few pages every day is recommended to every teen as it is proved to increase productivity and focus. Search for a book that catches your attention, and before you go to bed read for 15 to 30 minutes at the least.
  11. Take pauses. Working around the clock can easily burn you out. When continuously working on a task, try to take small rest breaks. During this time, you can learn something new or explore an interest of yours.