Artist Spotlight: Shreeya More


Read all about Shreeya and her art!

Welcome to this week’s Gators Eye artist feature! Each week, we highlight a different student artist and their unique and beautiful work. This time, that student is junior Shreeya More.

Shreeya grew up in California and moved around before eventually settling here in N.C. Although she loves to paint, she has plenty of other hobbies. “I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to music,” she says, “My favorite artists are ABBA, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, COIN, and Fleetwood Mac.”

“I’ve been an artist since I was 5 years old, my mom signed me up for art classes as a kindergartner and since then I’ve been hooked!” Shreeya says. Since then, she’s improved immensely in both style and technique. From elementary school doodles to colored pencil work in middle school to her paintings now, Shreeya’s art has developed wonderfully.

Although Shreeya has experimented with watercolor and oil paint, her favorite medium remains acrylics. “Acrylic dries quicker and is easier to work with,” she explains. Her acrylic portraits are mesmerizing–Shreeya’s use of vibrant hues, bold white highlights, thin black lines, and piercing expressions are one of a kind. She uses color theory and her understanding of anatomy to make her faces look both realistic in proportions yet stylized with her brushstrokes. Her solid or dark-patterned backgrounds bring the eye back to her bright colors. 

Shreeya’s top piece of advice to other student artists is to remember that their art is for relief, and not to get upset with yourself if it doesn’t look right. “I spent a lot of time frustrated when artwork didn’t come out the way I’d planned,” she admits, “But since then I’ve learned that the value of art or an artwork comes from how it makes you feel not how perfect it looks.” She’s not wrong–and you can see her advice showing through her own immersive paintings! 

Thank you to Shreeya More for her interview! If you would like to recommend yourself or a student for our artist spotlight, please email [email protected]!