Women’s Rights Are Not Controversial


Y. Oded

How many more women will it take for you to see our pain?

My name is Avery, I am a 16-year-old girl in the state of North Carolina. Where I live, I am thankful that I am safe. For the most part. I am still told to never go out alone at night, keep my clothes modest, and prepare for the worst. Even in the safest places with the safest precautions, we are still victims. Sarah Everards died on March 3, 2021, after being assaulted by a police officer on her way home. She did everything that was supposed to protect her, but she still could not be saved. How many more women will it take for you to see our pain? We are scared. We are scared for our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, and for ourselves. 

We are put down and shamed in doctor’s offices, courtrooms, schools, and even workplaces. An alarming 97% of women in the UK, ages 18-21 had experienced some form of sexual assault. A national study by UK Center for Research on Violence Against Women estimates only 37% of reported rapes are prosecuted and only 18% of prosecuted rape cases end in a conviction. Our world has made it seem as though it is their fault. These women are not at fault, but our justice system is. With a statistic like this, why do men and the government still feel that they have a say in what we do with OUR bodies? According to this map from Planned Parenthood, very few states in the US allow easy access to abortion, the numbers are similar for birth control and contraceptive. 

Wikimedia Commons

It is clear that women’s rights have developed controversy in our current society. When talking about abortion, it seems our country is split. As of 2020, about 49% of people label themselves as “pro-life.” In most cases, they argue that adoption or foster care is the best and only option for a mother who does not wish to keep her child. 

Nobody is “pro-abortion” but, we deserve the right to choose. Understand the circumstances some women are in, such as healthcare issues, financial inability, and rape. No mother should be forced to carry and deliver a child if it is not what is best for her. For those who enforce the choice of adoption instead, are you aware of the flaws in our foster care system? It’s incredibly broken and extremely overpopulated. Children are shuffled between multiple foster homes and institutions, which is traumatizing and usually leaves them without a forever family. We blame the foster care system for their abuse that eventually leads to a struggle in adulthood. One-third of homeless young adults were previously in foster care. This system is not a “chance at a good life.” Save the 400,000 children already in foster care before you take away abortion.

With that being said, we are losing hope. Women’s rights should not be controversial. America, we need to hold rapists and perpetrators responsible. We need to protect a mother’s right to choose and any woman’s right to make her own decisions for HER body. We ask that you BELIEVE us when we call for help. There is only so much we can do on our own but together, we can make a difference. We will make a difference.