Teacher Pay Reform Campaign!


35,000 educators gathered in Raleigh, NC to rally for education funding

Varshini Sathish, News Section Co-editor

In a previous article following teacher appreciation week, I mentioned a Teacher Pay Reform Campaign started by a student at Green Level. Here is a chance to learn more about it. 


It is the first student-led teacher pay reform campaign in North Carolina. The goal of the campaign is to support teachers and demand that the NC legislators and Board of Education do more for them. Student support could be what brings forth change, and you have a chance to be a part of that. Here is the link to join the discord channel in case you missed it in the emails that the campaign team sent out. If we want future generations to be well-educated members of the community, schools, education, and teachers is where it all starts. Enrollment in UNC system teaching programs has gone up six percent after being in decline for years, and if we want to continue to see progress, we have to take action. You have to put your money where you want to see growth, and the NC Board of Education is yet to see that. Progress starts one step at a time, and so we hope you are invested in the future of NC. Joining the discord channel does not commit you to the campaign, so feel free to check it out and see if you are interested. 


The committee is also doing a tik tok challenge! It is to make a tik tok to “tell us you’ve had a great teacher without telling us you’ve had a great teacher”. The campaign’s instagram is @teacherpayreform and their tiktok is @teacherpayreform, so be sure to follow and show your support!